How Rodney and Launa Brown Celebrated 30 Years Together

  1. Dathan Wright says:

    An ordinary night with extraordinary people…we are forever blessed just to have been in the midst…Lvu you both.
    Dathan and Latricia

  2. Kenisha Moore says:

    My heart and prayers were with you on this glorious occasion. I pray that God will grant you 30 more blissful years together.

  3. Louester & Derrick says:

    This was indeed a night to remember. The tests you have passed, the storms you have come through, the mountains you’ve climbed, and the valleys you’ve endure, all leads up to this moment. I celebrate you both. You are truly an example of Victory and overcomers.
    The Washingtons love you both and will continue to lift you in prayer.

  4. April Johnson says:

    Good vibes, good food and good fun!!! Wishing two of my best and most treasure friends a very happy 30th Anniversary!!!

  5. Fred and Lenora Davis says:

    What a beautiful event and a Beautiful Experience! It was amazing to celebrate and honor Rodney and Launa Brown, and the room was filled with love and positive energy! Happy Anniversary!!❤️

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